Whole orange jam

For 12 average-sized country oranges
2 kg sugar
1 ½ cup water

Oranges were carefully removed with heavy part brightly, then washed and placed in a container with water.

The water is changed several times within two days. Then digest in a pot filled with water for a few minutes. Then change the water and digest again. This action is performed four times. Then oranges are left to cool and divided into four parts each. Each part of the seeds removed and then shutter to gather.

Settle into a pot where we introduced 2 kg of sugar and 1 ½ cup of water. Boil again in slow fire for 30 minutes, twice.
Then let cool and remove fibers that have stitching.
I put back on slow fire and remove when they start to boil.
Then the hot marmalade we put in glass vases, closing with a lid and stored for a long time.

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